Moms have always worn many hats: chauffer, cook, time manager, homework helper, encourager, and friend. With COVID, however, their responsibilities have morphed to almost superhuman roles. They now need to be mental health advisors to kids who are stressed and anxious without their peers and teachers. Overnight, moms became full-time teachers to children who are distance-learning or homeschooling during the pandemic. Many mothers are also trying to hold down full-time jobs, while working remotely from home. Being tech-support agents, teacher’s assistants, and round-the-clock cooks is a job of epic proportions.

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The very nature of the pandemic is fraught with uncertainty. Not having a time frame for a return to normal makes this situation even more trying. When restrictions are lifted, kids may blend classroom learning and remote learning – learning online a few days a week and studying in person a few days a week. Professional jobs may also be blended between onsite and remote. No one can be certain when these blended models will be implemented, how long they will last, or how working mothers’ professional schedules will coordinate with their kids’ hybrid schedules.

In the midst of the uncertainty, however, there are many things we can do to prepare ourselves and our children to approach this with resilience. Though there are many things we cannot control, we do have resources to give ourselves and our students the best chance at mental health and success during this difficult time.

Let’s look at a few ways that

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Many heroic moms are working at home while overseeing remote learning. These moms shoulder a gigantic and stressful responsibility. It’s difficult to keep focused on professional responsibilities while simultaneously ensuring kids are not sleeping, playing on phones, or snacking in the kitchen. Constant distractions make it nearly impossible to maintain your train of thought. Moms must constantly meet the technological, educational, and emotional needs of their kids. Some mothers choose to hire an in-home tutor from Others may use video baby monitors to keep an eye on their kids while they work in another room. Noise-cancelling earbuds are a must for mothers who need to keep their focus on their work.

Heroic mothers who work outside the home make arrangement for their kids who are remote-learning at home. For moms working outside the home, distance learning and school shut-downs create a unique challenge and responsibility. Moms must find a way for their kids to be taken care of while they are absent. Some mothers have chosen to place their students in pandemic pods, with a local teacher or tutor overseeing a group of their child’s friends. Others hire in-home tutors to watch their children while they work. Yet others trust their older children and high school students to take responsibility for their own learning and the education of their siblings. For moms whose children are learning at home alone, Relay screenless phones are a great option. Kids can get in touch with their parents at the touch of a button, but there are no screens to distract kids from learning. Furthermore, with Relay, parents can allow their kids to go outside and ride their bikes during remote-learning recesses. Parents can watch their kids’ every move with Relay’s built-in GPS.

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. Rather than paying for a tutor or a pandemic pod teacher, some moms have chosen to devote themselves to educating their kids themselves. Some may feel discouraged by the loss of income. Others feel incapable: “Only teachers can do a good job at educating,” they say. Some moms are excited about teaching, but still feel overwhelmed by the variety of responsibilities that come with online learning or homeschooling. The book, Soul Cries, is full of timely encouragement and uplifting words for moms who feel overwhelmed.

No matter what situation you find yourself in as a mom, it’s important to take care of yourself. In his brand-new book, The Pandemic Population: Eight Strategies to Help Generation Z Rediscover Hope after Coronavirus, Tim Elmore shares breaking research: “Recent research finds that the presence of a calm adult can even reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in a child’s body. This means that you, as their leader, must practice self-care so you are ready to offer calm leadership in a time of uncertainty.” These encouraging Meditation Cards will help you redirect your focus to positive thought patterns.  A Hug in a Box kit contains a lavender neck pillow and other small items aimed at encouragement and stress relief. If you find you can’t concentrate on work, take a coloring break with this adult coloring book.

Your kids need the same kind of care and stress-relief. Anxiety affects them too, and the uncertainty makes it hard to stay on track. Without a teacher’s voice to keep them on task, they will need to develop new strategies for focusing. Try a Calm Kit for Kids to help them stay calm and focused while working.

Here are additional resources that will help you jump-start a successful working and learning environment for yourself and your kids:

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If you’re feeling abnormally stressed, you’re not alone. Many others are struggling as well; it’s not just you. Don’t forget—this is an unprecedented time in the history of the world! With strength, resilience, and tools, you will can make it through this time. You and your children can thrive, and one day can look back on this time and tell future generations about how you learned to make it through tough times.

This pandemic could be the jumping-off point for a whole new way of being – you could become Super-superMom!

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