Ideologies have historically divided people. People with strong ideological points of view see the people and the world around them as ‘black and white’. For example, people who advocate that free markets should be allowed to ‘settle the issues’. The other group which advocates central control believes that more (or everything) should be controlled centrally. Neither group has the right approach for every situation; the answer to most situations is in the grey – somewhere between the extreme ‘black’ and ‘white’ approaches. Moreover, with millions of people in both camps, just because one of the ideological groups is in power does not mean that it can do what it pleases – the other group will deter them. The right thing is a combination of the two.

With the Covid-19 pandemic destroying many millions of lives and livelihoods, allowing the free market ideologists ‘let the thing play out’ will destroy even more lives and livelihoods. Fragmented approaches by the leaders of 50 states has simply lead to national chaos with huge spikes in Covid outbreaks in lax states/cities and brutal lockdowns in other areas.  New Zealand locked down the entire country and still excludes outsiders. They have no reported cases in the country today, but all it takes is one infected person to enter the country for things to go bad again. In the UK, the nation is under a lockdown while they try to control the pandemic within the country. In the meantime, in the US, there is no national strategy, little national coordination and most states doing their own thing. The result is pandemonium.

What we need is strong leadership at the federal level, a national strategy and a coordinated approach to tackling and overcoming this pandemic.

What do you think a national strategy should be for the United States of America?

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