Here are some things you may have experienced since the great pandemic started:

  1. Saw New York City & Times Square without any people – .
  2. Learnt what it feels like to work in your pajamas (whether you like it or not).
  3. Exercised with your face mask on – you are breathing harder now.
  4. Recognized that many things you thought were important are less important than fellow humans and relationships.
  5. Figured out what it is to really live with your family (or not).
  6. Experienced what it meant to vacation-in-place (or locally).
  7. You have enough toilet paper for the next year.
  8. Enjoyed food from some of your favorite restaurants without having to go to the restaurant.
  9. Figured out that Netflix is perhaps a better option than going to the theater.
  10. You got to binge-watch (and bing-eat)
  11. You’ve been buying new clothes since you don’t fit into the old ones anymore – thanks to the Covid ‘bulge’
  12. Watched the ‘Best of’ in all the sports you follow.
  13. Met people without meeting them in person.
  14. Imagined people’s smiles behind their masks.
  15. Experienced ‘cabin fever’ firsthand.
  16. Figured out how much you like being by yourself (or not).
  17. Realized that what you thought was bad pales in comparison to the millions fighting on the frontlines against COVID and the millions who are jobless and can’t even buy food today.

ALL OF US WILL GENUINELY GIVE THANKS these holidays (event if the dinner is shared over Zoom!)

What else did you experience? Please add your experiences below.

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